Chin Fillers

Fillers for the Chin

In our Orange County clinic, chin fillers are a very popular treatment. Many patients have a recessed chin or chin that can be accentuated. For the overall look of a defined jawline, the chin plays an important part.

Chin fillers can be used for two different reasons:

  1. To appear younger

  2. To appear more attractive.

As we age, the bony support on our faces become weaker and smaller, causing the bone and soft tissue in the chin to lose it’s shape and appear less sharp. This also then adds to the appearance of jowls and neck sagging and a U-shaped lower face. With dermal filler, we can easily replenish the structural support that has been lost and correct these issues.

Some people are born with a beautiful profile that includes a well-protruding chin, while others are born with underdeveloped or recessive chins that could be enhanced. It is a simple procedure to improve the appearance of those who were not born with a beautiful chin by injecting chin fillers.

Filler can help improve different aspects of the chin:

Chin Size: Enlarging a chin can be very easy with dermal filler

Chin Length: If the concern is an overly shortened chin and face, filler can easily add length which can improve the overall harmony of the face

Chin Projection: A recessive chin is usually noticeable in a profile view and dermal filler helps to increase the projection and the overall profile.

Chin shape: Some clients require additional length, width, and angularity in their chins. Some patients believe their chins are too pointed, and prefer to have them rounded. Some patients believe their chins are too square, and we can help reduce the angularity. Some patients prefer a chin that is more pointed and angular. The patient will be assessed and these goals will be discussed with the provider. .

Aging chins: As we age, the bone and soft tissues lose structure. This causes the face shape to change and overlying skin to wrinkle and sag. When the structural support is strengthened, the overall face shape and skin also appears more youthful.

Asymmetry of the chin: dermal filler treatment can be used to address asymmetry of the chin.

The Treatment Procedure

Dosage required:

A common question we get asked is, "How much chin filler do I need?" The amount of chin filler necessary varies a lot. Some patients will be content with 1 mL, while others would require 5 mL to achieve ideal results.

After collecting a history and evaluating the patient, the injector will examine the face and determine the best dose. A smaller dose may be chosen to begin with if a patient has a history of dermal filler issues, if their budget is limited, or if they desire a more subtle outcome.

We typically would not inject more than 3 mls of chin filler in a single session. Another session may be required if further improvement is needed.

We usually inject 1-3mls at the first visit and then follow up with the patient after a month. If they say, "I loved the swelling after the last treatment and was unhappy when it went away," I would suggest that they have another treatment and repeat until the swelling is no longer acceptable.

Pain alleviation during chin filler treatment

Prior to the treatment, local anaesthetic is given before the cannula is inserted into the skin. The dermal filler also contains local anaesthetic.

Ice should always be used to relieve pain and prevent bruising.

What happens during the actual chin filler procedure?

Alcohol and chlorhexidine will be used to clean the face.

A very fine needle will be used by the PA to inject. Then gauze will be used to provide pressure.

If a cannula is used, a little amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin, and then a fine needle is used to produce a small entry in the skin through which the cannula is placed.

What is the aftercare for the treatment?

There may be some swelling and redness. The chin may appear "sharp" at first, but as the swelling fades after two days, the sharpness will fade and it will have a more natural appearance. Some patients may like the swelling in the first few days.

Risks and side effects

Minor bruising may be expected after chin filler.

There will be swelling around the injection site.

Asymmetry: When one side of a patient is treated better than the other, it is usually because the patient was born asymmetrical.

Infection is an uncommon but always possible problem when a needle is inserted into the skin.

Necrosis (a clogged blood artery that prevents blood from reaching the skin) is extremely rare. This may result in scarring.

Additional treatment is required: To get to where the patient wishes to be, it may take multiple syringes of product.

After treatment, the area might feel sore and tender.

Following chin fillers

How will chin fillers affect my appearance?

There may be some swelling and redness. The dermal filler's effect will be seen immediately

By 2-3 days after the treatment, the majority of the swelling caused by the dermal filler will have gone away. Even 2-4 weeks after the treatment, there may be some minor swelling.

In 4 weeks or longer, the patient and/or injector should evaluate the outcomes and determine whether further chin filler is needed to achieve the desired results.

Following-up care instructions

No makeup for 4 hours.

No strenuous exercise for that day.

For one week following treatment, no spas, saunas, or hot yoga are permitted.

How long do the results last?

The answer is highly personal and varies on the patient's anatomy, metabolism, dose, placement, and product, among other factors. Typically, using our most often used dermal filler, if the patient is satisfied with the results after one month (i.e., there is appropriate fill), they should be treated again at six months, then once a year. If the patient is not satisfied with the results after one month (i.e., more dermal filler is needed to achieve the desired results), more dermal filler should be injected every 1-3 months until the desired appearance is achieved, and then the patient should be treated every 6 months, then once a year.

The cost of chin dermal filler is calculated per syringe. The number of syringes necessary is determined by the patient's starting point in terms of chin anatomy as well as the amount of correction they want. The price starts at $450.

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