Conditions We Treat

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Some patients come to our office with specific treatments in mind. Others have simply noticed a new cosmetic issue they want us to help resolve. If that's you, you may be looking for answers on how the issue can best be approached.

There are so many options when it comes to skin treatments and injectables and it may seem overwhelming to understand it all. We have come up with a list of conditions that are commonly treated at our office every day to help.

Our doctor and PA are committed to helping you learn about the different options regarding your skin condition, including common causes and treatment options. A consultation is the best way to get your questions answered, but we hope you can gain some understanding by clicking on the links below.

As an expert in the field of skin care and aesthetics, our providers will create a personalized plan for all your individual concerns. Schedule a consultation by calling (949) 229-3789. We serve patients from Tustin, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Orange, Newport, and surrounding Orange County.

Top Aesthetic Issues

As experienced providers with a passion for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, we are well qualified to help address many cosmetic conditions including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: They start to appear in your 20s, and are a normal and unavoidable part of aging. These lines make you look tired or older than you actually are and take away attention from an otherwise vibrant appearance.

  • Sun damage: Prolonged sun exposure can cause many of the signs of early skin aging such as crinkling and brown spots. You can take steps early to restore the health and beauty of your complexion.

  • Loose skin: As you age, loose, sagging skin becomes more of a pronounced issue. The two main components, collagen and elastin, that form the structure of the skin starts to weaken over time.

  • Cheek volume loss: Loss of cheek volume is the cause of many aesthetic concerns. A lack of fullness in the cheeks can dramatically age your face and overall appearance. There are many benefits to restoring that lost volume or adding volume that was never present.